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Did Liam Gallagher Write Any Oasis Songs?

Oasis may be one of the most influential bands of the 1990s, known for their catchy tunes and iconic personalities, but who was the genius behind their tracks? The dynamic between the Gallagher brothers has always been tumultuous, and it begs the question of who wrote the music. Did Liam Gallagher write any of the music for Oasis? or Was it all Noel? 

Join us as we delve into finding out exactly what was written by whom…

Liam as a songwriter

Liam Gallagher’s presence and influence in Oasis was undeniable. I mean without his distinctive voice, stage presence, and raw attitude the band’s music and electrifying performances would not have been the same. Yet, when it comes to songwriting, Liam’s role was often overshadowed by his older brother, Noel. Liam did occasionally contribute towards the lyrics and would infuse the songs with his unique passionate delivery, Noel did the bulk of the songwriting.

But, why was this the case? Before being in the band, Liam would write songs with another partner, with both Liam and Noel saying that they weren’t brilliant in their unique ways. After this point, Noel would have an interest in joining the band but only if he would be the sole songwriter for the band. Noel had been writing songs his whole life and wanted to use the band as a creative outlet. 

Liam live with Oasis (Credit: freschwill)
Liam live with Oasis (Credit: freschwill)

Despite the initial reluctance to contribute to the songwriting for the band, Liam’s talent (and desire) for songwriting would grow. Later releases would feature songs written exclusively by Liam. This ability would grow to a point where their last album Dig Out Your Soul saw the songwriting duties split evenly.

Which songs did Liam Write?

So let’s get to the nitty-gritty of it, which songs did Liam Gallagher write for Oasis? Here’s the list:

  • “Little James” – Written for Patsy Kensit’s son, this was the first song Liam exclusively wrote for Oasis.
  • “Better Man”
  • “Born on a Different Cloud” 
  • “Songbird” – This song was written for Liam’s partner at the time and takes a stripped-back approach.
  • “Guess God thinks I’m Abel”
  • “Love Like a Bomb”
  • “The Meaning of Soul” 
  • “Pass Me Down the Wine”
  • “Won’t Let You Down” 
  • “Ain’t got Nothin” 
  • “Boy with the Blues” 
  • “I Believe in All”
  • “I’m Outta Time” 
  • “Soldier On” 

Fans and Critics on Liam's writing

From a critical standpoint, Liam Gallagher’s songwriting contributions have had mixed reviews. While some credit the sincerity and authenticity of his lyrics, others stand by the fact that Noel’s compositions overshadowed Liam’s contributions within Oasis. It is often highlighted that Noel’s songwriting style and melodic craftsmanship became one of the defining aspects of the band’s sound, making it difficult for Liam to truly stamp his mark. This therefore downplayed the significance of Liam’s more infrequent songwriting credits.

Does Liam Write his own music now?

Liam performing at Exit Festival (Credit: Marko Obradović)
Liam performing at Exit Festival (Credit: Marko Obradović)

A question that naturally comes up from this is whether he writes his music for his solo career. The answer is a resounding yes. Liam takes centre stage in his songwriting. Liam may do the bulk of the writing but he does occasionally seek assistance with certain elements of the songwriting process. This help typically comes in the form of collaboration with producers and writers, Greg Kurstin and Andrew Wyatt. working alongside them, Liam refines his ideas and concentrates on the musical elements. 

Liam’s solo work has undeniably fared better critically than his songwriting work with Oasis. His solo albums, including “As You Were” and “Why Me? Why Not,” have received critical acclaim and resonated strongly with fans. This is a testament to the singers progress as a musician and more importantly a songwriter. Liam’s ability to channel his distinctive voice and showcase an unfiltered version of himself has allowed him to reinforce his identity and separate himself from his time with Oasis. 

The britpop icon's legacy

Liam Gallagher’s development in his songwriting is a testament to his influence and impact on the UK music scene. Yes, Noel Gallagher may have been the primary architect of Oasis’ musical landscape, but Liam’s contributions and personality added another element to the band’s legacy. It is safe to say the band would not have been the same without his additions.

As Liam continues his music career, his songwriting has become more prevalent. It will be exciting to see how far he will be able to go musically. 

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