• Dave Grohl at Lollapalooza (Credit: Warkoholic)

    How Did Dave Grohl Join Nirvana?

    Dave Grohl joining Nirvana may have been one of the most influential moves in the whole of alternative rock. His powerful and energetic drumming became a staple of the band’s sound, and we don’t have to tell you about his…

  • Kurt Cobain and the Smells Like Teen Spirit Mustang
    Deep Dives

    Was Kurt Cobain Left-Handed? True or Myth?

    Kurt Cobain, the legendary frontman of Nirvana, left an indelible mark on the world of rock music. Apart from his powerful lyrics and distinctive voice, there’s a long-standing question among fans and enthusiasts: Was Kurt Cobain left-handed? The truth is…

  • Kurt Cobain's Moserite

    A look at Kurt Cobain’s Moserites

    Did Kurt Cobain play a Moserite? Yes, he did. Kurt owned two real Moserite guitars during his life, one was a Moserite Gospel Mark IV, while the other was a Mark V. The Mark IV was only owned by Kurt…

  • Kurt Cobain at MTV unplugged

    The 7 iconic guitars of Kurt Cobain

    Almost all of Kurt Cobain’s guitars have become iconic. This is because of the artist’s now legendary status. This has meant that as time has passed since Kurt Cobain’s untimely death, his guitars have become more and more sought-after. Everyone…